Welcome at MOZZ BAGS


Mozz is a Dutch brand that designs stylish diaper bags for modern men and women. Mozz’s diaper bags are designed for the fashionable and ambitious man or woman with a passion for leather. The in 2017 founded Mozz Bags has an authentic style with timeless designs. The designs are modern, robust and rough yet still elegant. The diaper bags are unisex which makes the collections extra special.

Mozz bags are strong, produced sustainable and made of top quality full grain cowhide. They are manually produced by artisan craftsmen in a Fair Trade factory. The factory is BSCI certified which means that work is done under good circumstances with payment of fair wage. Everyone that works on Mozz bags is safe and under protection of a union. There is no child labor.

These great bags of Mozz Bags come with 1 year guarantee, but we can assure you that you will enjoy them for years. The design isn’t just timeless, the leather will look better and better as it ages. Are you looking for a modern diaper bag that both men and women can use? Mozz Bags produces excellent nursing bags for a fair price that look good on both men and women.