Stroller straps and bag hooks for stroller and buggy

Attach your diaper bag or nursery bag easy to your stroller with the stroller straps and bag hooks from Mozz Bags. This prevents the diaper bag or nursery bag from slipping. The bag hooks and stroller straps are universally executed, so they can always be attached to your stroller or buggy. The stroller straps are available in black, cognac and grey.


Pacifier Pouch for Soothers

Keep your baby’s soothers easily and hygienically in the pacifier pouch of Mozz Bags. The pacifier pouch offers space for 3 to 4 soothers. And is easy to carry in your diaper bag or nursery bag.
The teat pouch is made of high quality leather and can be closed with a zipper. The inside is water and dirt repellent, and easy to keep clean. The pacifier pouch is available in black and cognac.

Diaper pouch for on the go

Are you looking for a handy diaper pouch on the go? Then the leather diaper pouch from Mozz Bags is the ideal solution. The diaper pouches are made of high quality leather, and have several compartments for storing diapers and buttocks wipes. The diaper pouch fits in any diaper bag or nursery bag. Our diaper pouches are available as diaper pouch cognac, diaper pouch black, diaper pouch brown, diaper pouch grey, diaper pouch blue, diaper case green and diaper case ochre yellow.


Leather soother Cord

Stylish and sturdy leather soother strap from Mozz Bags. The soother strap ensures that your child’s pacifier does not fall to the ground or lose. This saves a lot of searching. The soother cords are available in Cognac and black.

Care products for your diaper bag

The leather of your diaper bag and nursery bag is a natural product and needs care, just like your own skin. It responds to influences such as (sun) light, water and dirt. Just like for a leather shoe good care for a diaper bag and nursery bag is just as important. By using it, your diaper bag will get a unique look and only become more beautiful.