Stroller straps and bag hooks for pram and buggy

Click your diaper bag or nursing bag easy to your pram with stroller straps and bag hooks from Mozz Bags. This will prevent your diaper bag or nursery bag to slip down. The bag hooks and stroller straps are universal so they match any pram or buggy. The stroller straps are available in several colors like black, cognac and grey.

Pacifier case for pacifiers

Stock your child’s pacifiers hygienic in the Mozz Bags pacifier case or pacifier pouch. The pacifier case can hold 3 to 4 pacifiers. And is easy to take along in your diaper bag or nursery bag.
The pacifier case is made out of high end vintage leather and closes with a zipper. The inner lining is dirt- and water repellent and easy to clean. The pacifier case is available in several models and colors.

Leather pacifier cord

Stylish and tough leather MOZZ Bags pacifier cord. The pacifier cord ensures that your child’s pacifier won’t fall down or get lost. This saves you a lot of searching. The pacifier cords are available in many colors.

Care products for your diaper bag.

The leather of your diaper bag and nursing bag is a natures product and needs, like your skin, care. It reacts to things like (sun)light, water and dirt. Just like for a leather shoe good care for a leather diaper bag is very important. By using it your diaper bag will get a unique look and will get even prettier in time.