General terms & conditions

When you place an order at you agree with the following terms and conditions

Article 1 – Definitions
Article 2 – Identity of the seller
Article 3 – Toepasselijkheid
Article 4 – The offer
Article 5 – The agreement
Article 6 – Right of withdrawal
Article 7 – Costs for withdrawal
Article 8 – Exclusion for withdrawal
Article 9 – The price
Article 10 – Conformity and warranty
Article 11 – Delivery and execution
Article 12 – Duurtransacties: duur, opzegging en verlenging
Article 13 – Payment
Article 14 – Complaints
Article 15 – Differences
Article 16 – Extra additions

Article 1 – Definitions
In these terms are understood:
1. Reflection period: The period a consumer has for right of withdrawal;
2. Consumer: natural person not acting as a company or profession that comes to an agreement at distance with the seller;
3. Day: Calendar day;
4. Longterm Transaction: an agreement at distance for a series of products and/or services, for which the delivery- and/or buying obligation is spread out in timespan;
5. Data carrier: any mean that enables a consumer or seller to store information that is addressed to them personally, in a way that enables future consulting and unchanged reproduction.
6. Right of withdrawal: the possibility for the consumer to withdrawal the distant purchase within reasonable time;
7. Model form: the model form for withdrawal, that is provided by the seller, that a consumer can fill out when they want to use their right of withdrawal. 8. Seller: the natural or legal person that offers products and/or services to consumers from a distance;
9. Agreement at distance: an agreement that enables a consumer to purchase products and/or services from a distance through one or more technical instruments for communication at a distance;
10. Instruments for communication at a distance: means that can be used for a purchase without consumer and seller have to be in the same room at the same time.
11. General terms: the general terms of the seller.

Article 2 – Identity of the seller
Name seller; Denada B.V. h.o.d.n. Beltstyle
Address; Denestraat 5, 5541 RL in Reusel Netherlands
Visitors address; Denestraat 7, 5541 RL te Reusel
Telephone numberr: 0031(0)497-842789
CoC-number: 17188341
VAT number: NL8156.91.683.B.01

Article 3 – Toepasselijkheid
1. These General terms and conditions apply to all the sellers offers and to every agreement made at a distance and orders between seller and consumer.
2. Before the distant agreement is closed, the text of these general terms will be available for the consumer. If this is impossible, it will be pointed out that the general terms can be seen at the sellers location before the agreement is closed or that they can be sent free of charge as soon as possible.
3. When the distant agreement is closed electronic, it’s is possible next to the previous article to hand the text of these general terms and conditions through an electronic channel to the consumer in a way that these can be saved easy on to a data carrier. If this is impossible it will be pointed out to the consumer where they can access the general terms or they can be sent free of charge in an electronic way before the agreement is closed.
4. In case there are, next to these general terms, specific product- or service terms, the second and third point of the apply and the consumer is justified to call upon the most profitable terms.
5. If one or more terms in these general terms are destroyed completely or partial at any time, the agreement and these terms will remain valid and any new term will be added as soon as possible while matching the original as close as possible.
6. Situations that are not taken care of in these general terms, are to be valued according the “spirit” of these general terms.
7. Uncertainties about the explanations or content of one or more terms in our conditions, are to be explained ‘in the spirit’ of these general terms.

Article 4 – The offer
1. If an offer has a limited validity or has separate conditions, this will be explicit mentioned in the offer.
2. The offer is free of charge. The seller is entitled to change and adapt the offer.
3. The offer will have a full and accurate description of the offered products and/or services. The description is detailed enough to enable good rating of the offer by the consumer. When the seller uses images those will be accurate to the offered products and/or services. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer do not bind the seller.
4. All images, specifications and data in the offer are in indication and cannot lead to compensation or dissolution of the agreement.
5. Product images are accurate to the offered products. Seller cannot guarantee the colors to be exactly matching to the real colors of the products.
6. Each offer contains accurate information, so it is clear to the consumer what rights and obligations are, which come with accepting the offer. Especially applies to:
o price, including taxes;
o shipping cost;
o in what way the agreement was made and what actions are needed;
o if right of withdrawal applies;
o payment method, delivery and execution of the agreement;
o term for acceptance of the offer, term the price in the offer is valid;
o rate for distant communication if costs are other than regular;
o if the agreement is saved and how the consumer can access it;
o the way the consumer can check and edit his provided information before the agreement is final; o other languages, besides Dutch, the agreement can be made in;
o behavioral code the seller agrees to and the way the consumer can access those; o minimal term of the agreement at a distance in case of long term transaction.
Optional: available sizes, colors, kinds of material.

Article 5 – The agreement
1. The agreement is closed, under article 4, at the moment the consumer accepts the offer and meets the required terms.
2. When the consumer accepts the offer digital, the seller will confirm receiving the order as soon as possible. Consumer can cancel the agreement up until the confirmation from the seller.
3. If the agreement was closed digital, the seller takes accurate measures for securing data transfer and a safe web environment. If the consumer is able to pay in an electronic way the seller will take safety measures according.
4. The seller can – within legal terms – get information about consumers ability to pay, as well as all facts and factors that apply to close a responsible agreement from a distance. If the seller, based on his research, finds reasons to refuse the agreement, he is justified to refuse a quotation or bind it to special terms and conditions.
5. The seller will add the following information about the product or service to the consumer in a way they can access it and save it to a data carrier:
a. the address where the consumer can go to for complaints;
b. the terms and way the consumer can apply their right of withdrawal, and when the right of withdrawal does not apply;
c. information about warranty and service afterwards;
d. the data in article 4 lid 3 of these terms and conditions, unless the seller has already provided them to the consumer before closing the agreement;
e. demands for termination of the agreement when this lasts for more than 1 year or is undetermined.
6. In case of a long term transaction the previous article only applies to the first shipment.
7. Each agreement is made assuming there is enough stock. If there is not enough stock deliveries will be delayed.

Article 6 – Right of withdrawal
At delivery of products:
1. When buying a product the consumer has the possibility to cancel the agreement without telling the reason for 14 days. This timespan starts on the day the consumer receives the product or a, by consumer added and mentioned to the seller, recipient.
2. During this timespan consumer will handle the product and its packing with care. Consumer will unpack the product only as far as needed to judge the product to weather he wants to keep it. If right of withdrawal is applied, he will return the product and all added accessories and – if possible – in the original packaging to the seller, conform the by seller provided reasonable and clear instructions.
3. When the consumer wishes to use the right of withdrawal he is obligated to let the seller know within 14 days after receiving the product. Letting know has to be done with the model form. After the consumer has applied right of withdrawal he needs to return the product to the seller within 14 days. Consumer has to prove the items have been sent back in time, for example with a track trace code or dated reciept showing it was sent.
4. When the consumer after article 2 and 3 timespan have passed and he did not use right of withdrawal or return the product, the purchase is final.
At delivery of services:
5. At delivery of services the consumer has the option to cancel the agreement for at least 14 days, starting on the day the agreement started.
6. To apply the right of withdrawal, consumer will follow the, by seller provided, reasonable and clear instructions.

Article 7 – Costs for withdrawal
1. If consumer wishes to apply right of withdrawal, only costs for shipping return to seller shall be paid by consumer.
2. If the consumer paid the seller will refund the corresponding amount as soon as possible, with a maximum of 14 days after withdrawal. Provided that the product has been received back by the seller or definite proof of complete and accurate return shipment can be given.

Article 8 – Exclusion for withdrawal
1. The seller can exclude right of withdrawal for products under article 2 and 3. Exclusion for right of withdrawal is only valid when the seller has clearly mentioned it in his offer, or well in time before closing the agreement.
2. Exclusion for right of withdrawal is only possible for products:
a. that are created by the seller according to consumers specifications;
b. that are clearly personal;
c. that can not be returned because of their nature;
d. that can go bad or age fast;
e. of which the price is bound to fluctuations in the financial market, where the seller has no influence;
f. that are single magazines or papers;
g. that are audio- and/or video-recordings and computer software of which the consumer has broken seals.
h. for hygienic products of which the consumer has broken seals.
3. Exclusion for right of withdrawal is only possible for services:
a. that are overnights, transport, restaurant or recreation at a certain date or during a certain period;
b. of which delivery has started with explicit permission of consumer before the time span for withdrawal has passed;
c. for lotteries and bets.

Article 9 – The price
1. During the timespan of the offer, the offered prices will remain the same, except when VAT percentage may change.
2. Apart from the previous article the seller can offer variable prices for products that are related to the financial market. The possibility of variable prices for these products will be mentioned in the offer.
3. Raising prices within 3 months after the agreement is only allowed when legal arrangements or the law determines it.
4. Raising prices from 3 months after the agreement is only allowed if the seller stated it in the agreement and:
a. legal arrangements or the law say so; or
b. the consumer is allowed to end the agreement on the same day the raised price becomes active.
5. Prices in the offer are VAT included.
6. All prices are with reservation of copy and spelling errors. We are not liable for print- and copy errors. In case of print- and copy errors the seller is not obligated to deliver the product at the wrong price.

Article 10 – Conformity an Warranty
1. The seller makes sure products and/or services are according the agreement, the offered specifications, the reasonable demands and expectations for usability and the legal conditions at the date of the offer. If agreed the seller also guarantees that the product is suitable for other than regular use.
2. By seller or manufacturer supplied warranty does not undo legal rights and demands the consumer may have according the agreement.
3. Any flaws or wrongly delivered products have to be reported to the seller, in writing, within 4 weeks after the shipment was received. Returns of products should be done in the original packing and the products should be unused.
4. Sellers warranty equals factories warranty. Seller is never responsible for the suitability of the products for each application of the consumer, nor for advice about using or applying the products.
5. Warranty does not include:
o Repairs or alternations by the consumer or third parties;
o Abnormal use of the products or exposing to extreme circumstances or use contradicting sellers guidelines;
o Flaws are caused partial or complete by guidelines of the government.

Article 11 – Delivery and execution
1. Seller will be accurate at receiving and shipping orders and applications for services .
2. Location for delivery is the address given by the consumer.
3. Regarding part 4 in this article, company will execute orders fast yet within a maximum of 30 days, unless consumer has agreed with a later delivery date. If shipment is delayed, or if an order cannot be fully sent, consumer will get a notification about this no later than 30 days after placing the order. Consumer then has the right to cancel the agreement without additional costs. Consumer is not entitled to compensation.
4. All delivery dates are indicated dates. Consumer cannot make any demands regarding delivery dates Consumer has no right to compensation if time span has passed.
5. When canceled according to part 3 of this article, seller will refund any amount paid by consumer as soon as possible yet within a maximum of 14 days after cancellation.
6. if shipping of a certain product turns out to be impossible, seller will try to make a replacement available. No later than at delivery there will be clearly communicated that it concerns a replacement item. For replacement items right of withdrawal can not be excluded. Costs for returns in this case are for sellers account.
7. Risk of damage and/or loss of products is for the seller up until the moment consumer or consumers representative receives the product, unless explicit arranged otherwise.

Article 12 – Duurtransacties: duur, opzegging en verlenging
1. Consumer can terminate a limitless agreement, which is about regular deliveries, within terms of termination and an end term of 1 month maximum.
2. Consumer can end a limited time agreement, which is about regular deliveries, within terms of termination and an end term of 1 month maximum.
3. Consumer can in previous articles mentioned agreements:
o always terminate without restriction to a certain date or period;
o terminate at the same way the agreement was made;
o always terminate with the same time span seller has for themselves.
4. An agreement that was made for a fixed period can not be extended without notice.
5. Article does not apply. We don’t deliver magazines.
6. An agreement with fixed period for delivering products can only be extended without notice if consumer can always terminate with a maximum end term of 30 days.
7. Article does not apply. We don’t deliver magazines.
8. If an agreement lasts for more than 1 year, consumer can terminate after 1 year with a final term of 1 month, unless reasonable conditions don’t allow termination before the agreed time span.

Article 13 – Payment
1. Unless otherwise agreed consumer has to pay in full within 7 working days after time span for returns as meant in article 6 sub 1. In case of an agreement for rendering service, this time span will start after consumer has received confirmation of the agreement.
2. Consumer is obligated to notify seller immediately about incorrect data in payment data.
3. In case of default by consumer, seller is entitled to add reasonable extra costs which are shown upfront.

Article 14 – Complaints
1. Seller has a well explained complaint procedure and acts according.
2. Complaints about the execution of the agreement have to be complete and clearly described to the seller within 7 days after consumer encountered the flaws.
3. At seller deposited complaints will be answered within 14 days after receiving them. If a complaint might take longer to process, seller will answer within 14 days with notification of receiving the complaint and an indication on when consumer can expect a detailed answer.
4. When a complaint can not be solved between both parties this will turn into a dispute prone to the dispute settlement.
5. At complaints consumer shall always address the seller first. For complaints that can not be solved between both parties consumer can turn to the European ODR platform (
6. A complaint does not suspend obligations of the seller, unless seller points out differently in writing.
7. If a complaint is found to be well founded by the seller, seller will replace or repair the delivered products without charge.

Article 15 – Differences
1. All agreements between seller and consumer under these general terms and conditions are only under Dutch law. Even if consumer does not live in The Netherlands.
2. Vienna sales treaty does not apply.

Article 16 – Extra additions
Additional or divergent terms can not be in disadvantage of consumer and have to be in writing or such way that consumer can access it and store to a data carrier.