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Diaper pouch – Lightgrey Moss


Leather Diaper Pouch


Backside & Closing flap : Lightgrey

Front side : Lightgrey

Elastic band : Moss

Size: B 24 x H 17 x D 4 cm
Article number: Luier-etui 21
EAN: 7446000214277
Warranty: 1 Year


This handy leather diaper pouch is meant to always have a changing set at hand that fits in a diaper bag or handbag.

The diaper pouch is divided in 3 pockets. The center pocket is made of dirt- and water repellent material so that it’s safe to hold a pack of baby wipes. The other 2 pockets hand hold a few diapers or some other small items.


The back panel is longer which makes it wrap over the top to the front and turn into the flap that closes the pouch. The “lock” is a 3 mm thick elastic band.


Our diaper pouches are a handmade Dutch product, made of 100% leather. Leather is a natural product so pictures and real item can be different. If hair-on Cow Hide has been used it may release hairs.


Our Leather Diaper Pouches are available in several colors and combinations that we compiled ourselves.


Keep in mind: Not suitable to treat with shoeboys leatherbalm unless you treat the entire pouch which results in a darker shade! Using liquid maintenance products is at your own risk.

Toilettasje leer make-up etui leer Out Of Stock

Toilettasje Dots


Materiaal: Leer
Kleur: Bruin / Zwart
Afmeting: B 20 x H 12 x 5 cm
Artikelnummer: TT Dots
Fabrieksgarantie: 1 jaar