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Diaper Pouch – Black Dots Reverse Beige


Diaper Pouch Leather


Back & Closing flap:

Cowhide with Dots Reverse Beige pattern


Size: B 24 x H 17 x D 4 cm
Article number: Set 43
EAN: 7446000218275
Warranty: 1 year


This handy diaper pouch is meant to always have access to a set of changing that can be taken along in your Diaper bag or Handbag.

The diaper pouch has 3 pockets. The middle one is dirt- and water repellent so you can put a pack of wet wipes safely in there. The other 2 pockets can hold a few diapers or some other small stuff.


The backside is longer so this will become the closing flap on the front. The “lock” is a 3mm elastic band.


Our diaper pouches are a hand made Dutch product out of 100% leather. Leather is a natural product so pictures may not be identical to the real product.No batch of leather has identical color to a previous one. If hair-on cowhide is used hairs may shed.


Our leather diaper pouches are available in many combinations which we handpicked.


Attention: Not suited to treat with shoeboys leatherbalm Using liquid cleaners or maintenance polish is at own risk.