Bag Hanger with name Hexagon Blue


Material Hook: Nickel free

Material Beads: Silicone and/or Wood

Color: Multi
Length: Divers

Shipping in 1-2 weekdays

Current available symbols: A to Z, É, Ë, Ï, Space (this will be a knot), Heart (use @ key) , Star (use * key), Minus (use – key). You CAN’T paste pictures here.


What is a bag hanger:

A bag hanger pimps your leather diaper bag to an even more fun personal look. A leather diaper bag is great already but if you hang a cool personalized bag hanger to it with your child’s name your nursery bag will be unique. Because we know how fast little hands can be we chose silicone and/or wooden beads. This way it won’t hurt your child if it accidentally grabs it and puts it in his or her mouth.

Next to using it on a diaper bag you can use this cool hanger as a key chain as well. And how about as a bag hanger with your child’s name to it’s bag for school or nursery? How cool a present does this make? For example on mothers day of a teachers thank you gift. As a key hanger for a child on a bike-key this is super fun too and silicone is easy to clean.


Combine Bag hanger / Key hanger:

You can combine your personalized bag hanger yourself. We have some base models to pick from. Each base has a snap hook, a cord for the letters and 4 beads (2 at each end). The article mentions a starting price. Each entered symbol or letter = a bead and ups the price. This way everyone pays the same ratio wise.


Create your hanger step by step:

1: Pick your base to start on;

2: Enter name, you pay per bead other than the base includes ones;

3: Finish your order and we will assemble your personal bag- key hanger asap.



Additional information


Hexagon Blue, Hexagon Pink, Hexagon Grey, Ball Blue, Ball Pink, Ball Grey, Heart Black, Star Black, Disc Wood, Hexagon Wood, Ball Wood