Beloved Beau – Cognac


Material: Leather
Color: Cognac
Size: B 40 X H 30 X D14
Inner pouch: 6
Long Shoulder strap: Yes
Changing mat: Yes
Artikelnummer: 170430.30
EAN: 6013801197101
Warranty: 1 year

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Leather nursery bag for men as well:

Nursery bag suitable for men too: The Beloved Beau is certainly is one. It is a stylish leather diaper bag out of a soft Nappa cows leather. The design is timeless so that men can also go out with this leather nursery bag and their child. Men prefer being seen with a nice leather diaper bag without all kinds of pink or fuzzy jingles. Even when you don’t need a diaper bag anymore men can still keep using this bag. This tough leather diaper bag can also be used as a working bag or laptop bag.

Leather diaper bag looks:

This leather diaper bag has 2 tight zipper pockets at the front that can hold a phone or some other small items. The bag has sturdy leather handles that are stitched to the bag. The leather nursery bag comes with a separate long adjustable shoulder strap. This makes this leather diaper bag suitable for hanging at your pram. This long straps also enables the bag to be worn comfortably cross body or on the shoulder. In the same kind of leather we have our beloved straps available but of course you can combine this nursery bag with all our leather bag hooks and create your own personal look. The leather pacifier cords and pacifier cases are also available in our beloved series.


Diaper bag Inside:

Inside the leather diaper bag are 2 very spacious pockets, separated by a slip pocket that holds the changing mat. Then there are 3 elastic pouches on the inside for holding diapers, pacifiers, bottles and that kind of items. Further more are another slip pocket and zipper pouch for some more important items you might want to take along. The entire inner lining is dirt- and water repellent. The changing mat has a soft leather finish. The changing mat is also dirt- and water repellent. The Beloved Beau certainly is a nursery bag also suitable for men.