Braided Pacifier Cord – Black


Material: Leather
Color: Black
Length: +/- 24 cm
Width: 2 cm
Warranty: 1 year

In stock


Leather braided pacifier cord:

Stylish and tough leather braided pacifier cord out of 100% leather. Pacifiers tend to hide well, when it’s not attached to anything, when your little one moves it out of its mouth. They always drop right through the bars or hide under something so you don’t spot them right away. If you use a nice leather pacifier cord this won’t happen anymore. It disables the pacifier to fall down or get lost. This saves you a lot of searching.


Using a pacifier cord is very easy:

This is how you attach the pacifier to the satin string: Put the satin strong through the hole in the pacifier and slide the rest of the braided pacifier cord back through the loop of the satin string.

After that you can attach the cord with the clip to a piece of clothing your child is wearing, like a vest or shirt, or any suitable part of a pram or car seat etc.

The multi pacifier cord is executed in “smooth” leather or leather with a trendy other print. Our pacifier cords are available in several varieties.


Personalize leather pacifier cord:

A part of our leather pacifier cords can be personalized as well with your child’s name. Ideal for let’s say daycare or how about twins, triplets etc.? You always match the pacifier to the right child and at the daycare your child won’t get anyone else’s either. The braided pacifier cord can’t be personalized but this cool leather pacifier cord is special without it already. Do you prefer a pacifier cord that’s personalized? You can find all our possibilities and available symbols here.