Personalized key cord


Material: Leather Cowhide
Color: Multi
Length: Circa 15 cm
Width: 2,3 cm
Warranty: 1 year

Delivery 1-2 days + shipping period which depends on where it has to go to.

Current available symbols: A t/m Z, 0 t/m 9, Á, É, Ë, È, Í, Ï, Ô, Ú, Ü, ♥, @, #, !, ?, &, -, +, *,




Stylish, trendy and tough personalized leather key cord out of different types of cowhide.

The personalized key cord is executed in cowhide with a piece of smooth leather across. This is where we put the given name. Keep in mind that long names will take a longer smooth leather part so less cowhide print will be showing. With double names we will probably put a name on each side so you get a better looking key cord.


ATTENTION !!! This will be a customized item. This means: Made according to customers specifications, thus a customized product. This can NOT be returned or refunded so ordering this is always definite.


Short smooth full grain key cords for men can also be made at request. This will be about half the length of our cowhide key cord.

Additional information


Zebra Black, Zebra Grey, Dots Black, Dots Grey, CheetahZW Black, CheetahZW Grey, CheetahWhite Black, CheetahWhite Grey, CheetahBEI Black, CheetahBEI Camel, Leopard Black, Leopard Camel, Jaguar Black, Jaguar Cognac