Key cord XL


Material: Leather Cowhide
Color: Multi
Length: Total circa 95 cm
Width: 2,5 cm
Warranty: 1 year

Delivery 1-2 days + shipping period which depends on where it has to go to.



Stylish, trendy and tough long leather key cord, made out of different cow hides.

The key cord XL is executed in cow hide with a small strip of “smooth” leather to attach the key ring to the cord. You can’t do without a key cord for finding your keys in your bag. Ideal to hang on your neck when your hands are full yet you still need to “beep” the car to unlock for example.

The Key cord XL is at ideal so you can wear it comfortably around your neck. It’s also very suitable for hanging a personnel card at work. This way you don’t need to take out the card at each door but you have it right at hand. The strong key ring enables numerous possibilities to use the key cord. But you have to keep in mind the leather has to be able to hold it too of course.

Next to that it’s super trendy and good looking. For short key cords with or without a name check out our other options. Each key cord is hand made and assembled. This cool long leather cowhide key cord is available in 7 different prints.

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Zebra, Jaguar, Dots, Leopard, Baby Cheetah Beige, Baby Cheetah White, Baby Cheetah Black