Diaper pouch with long shoulder strap


Material: Leather
Color: Multi
Size: B 24 x H 17 x D 4 cm
Warranty: 1 year

Will be produced separate so we need about 2 or 3 days before we can ship.

The long shoulder strap will be made out of the leather that was used for the diaper pouch. Not the Hair on hide!

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Diaper pouch with long shoulder strap. Always 1 year warranty.


The diaper pouch with long strap:

This handy diaper pouch is meant to always have easy access to a changing set that can be taken along in your Diaper Bag or Handbag. At the front is a tough metal MOZZ logo. This provides an exclusive finishing touch. How easy is it to be your own you with our large collection leather diaper pouches?


Settings leather diaper pouch:

The diaper pouch has 3 pockets. The middle one is dirt- and water repellent so you can put a pack of wet wipes safely in there. The other 2 pockets can hold a few diapers or some other small stuff.


How a diaper pouch works:

The backside is longer so this will become the closing flap on the front. The “lock” is a 3mm elastic band. Pull the rubber band over the leather diaper pouch and everything will stay in. This rubber band adds that little bit extra to the look of the pouch.

The rubber band closes with a knot. So if it just might slip loose you can just put the knot back in. This way you can keep using your leather diaper pouch instead of missing it while away for repairs.


Dutch Product:

Our diaper pouches are a hand made Dutch product out of 100% leather. Leather is a natural product so pictures may not be identical to the real product.No batch of leather has identical color to a previous one. If hair-on cowhide is used hairs may shed. The size has been designed to fit almost any handbag. Or inside your leather MOZZ diaper bag of course.


Our leather Diaper Pouches are available in several colors and combinations that we have combined ourselves.. How much fun is it that you can also order all our sets with hair on hide with a long shoulder strap?



Back & closing flap: Divers
Front: Diverse hair on cowhide
Elastic band: Divers
Size: B 24 x H 17 x D 4 cm
Article number: Luier-etui lang hengsel
Warranty: 1 year

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