Maintenance kit



Maintenance set to provide you Mozz diaper bag and nursery bag with good care.


Rainstop spray makes your diaper bag / nappy bag dirt- and water repellent.
It protects the diaper bags and nursery bags from moist and dirt.


Shoeboys Leatherbalm enters the leather so you Mozz diaper bag and nappy bag stay hydrated, elastic and strong. This will upkeep the natural original look of your diaper bag and baby bag longer.


(Also suitable for polishing minor scratches)


Content Care set:


Rainstop Spray

Make sure the leather diaper bag is clean and dry. Spray the surface from about 30 cm equally and let to dry for at least 30 minutes. With regular spray care protection will be optimal and the diaper bag / nappy bag as water repellent as possible. Keep in mind that no spray can make a leather bag 100% waterproof.

Rainstop is suitable for leather, nubuck, suede and textile.


Shoeboys Leatherbalm

Shoeboys Leatherbalm is a leather creme with natural ingredients like bees wax, sheabutter, carnauba wax and almond oil. It nurtures smooth leather intense and nourishes it. It maintains the natural look and provides a soft glow.

Shoeboys Leatherbalm is not suitable for so called “open” leather like suede.


With this care set you have everything you need to keep you leather MOZZ diaper bag well taken care of.

You can also order the products from the maintenance set separately here .