Wallet with a name


Material: Leather
Front: Divers

Back: Divers
Size: B 14 x H 10 cm
Warranty: 1 year


Current available signs: A t/m Z, 0 t/m 9, Á, É, Ë, È, Í, Ï, Ô, Ú, Ü, ♥, @, #, !, ?, &, -, +, *, Mouth, Butterfly, Star, Double heart

Shipping a personalized item can take longer than regular items.

ATTENTION !!! This will be a customized item. This means: Made according to customers specifications, thus a customized product. This can NOT be returned or refunded so ordering this is always definite.

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Small leather personalized wallet:

A small leather wallet with a name is a real must have. Look at all the cards you still have to take along. Our leather wallet is just a tough larger than other regular cardholders that are always just too narrow for storing card or cash comfortably. The size is still nice and small so it fits your pockets of jacket or pants or in a handbag / diaper bag. Every combination of this leather pouch / wallet has been hand picked and is a 100% Dutch made product.


What fits inside this leather wallet:

Money of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be a wallet. Both coins and paper money. Cards also fit in this leather wallet with a name of course. Many cards can be scanned in an app but how about your drivers license or id-card if you have this instead of a passport. A buss card or bank card are also still taken along and not scanned. The basic shape makes the leather wallet also suitable as a leather case for medicines or a small manicure set for example.


Personalize a MOZZ wallet:

Super fun for sure is that you can personalize our wallet, that has NO hair on leather, as well. This turns this wallet with a name on it a very cool present for let’s say mothers day. Just pick the wallet you like. Add the name you wish to have on this cute little leather wallet. We will burn it on the front panel. The leather pouch has little room so only a name or short word can be added.

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