Pacifier cord with name


Material: Leather
Color: Multi
Length: 24 cm
Width: 2 cm
Warranty: 1 year

Delivery 1-2 days + shipping period which depends on where it has to go to.

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Stylish and tough leather pacifier cord, personalized with a name, made out of different types of cows leather. It ensures you that your child’s pacifier won’t fall on the floor or get lost. This saves you a lot of searching.

The personalized pacifier cord is executed in “smooth” leather and we will add the child’s name with hot stamping.


ATTENTION !!! This will be a customized item. This means: Made according to customers specifications, thus a customized product. This can NOT be returned or refunded so ordering this is always definite.


This is how you use a pacifier cord:

Attach the pacifier to the satin string: Pull the string through the loop of the pacifier and then pull the pacifier cord back through the satin string. After that you can attach the cord with the clip to a piece of clothing your child is wearing, like a vest or shirt, or any suitable part of a pram or car seat etc.

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