Toiletry bag Giraffe


Material: Leather
Color: Black – Giraffe
Size: B 20 x H 12 x 5 cm
Article number: TT Giraf
Warranty: 1 year

Current available signs: A t/m Z, 0 t/m 9, Á, É, Ë, È, Í, Ï, Ô, Ú, Ü, ♥, @, #, !, ?, &, -, +, *, Mouth, Butterfly, Star, Double heart

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Multi functional leather pouch made out of leather.

You can use this trendy pouch as a travel bag, toiletry bag, sunglasses case or make-up purse. Or any other option you can think of!

The toiletry bag has a wide main space that is closed with a zipper.