Outlet: Vintage Twinbag – Cognac


This item is outlet because: This bag has been produced in a different type of leather.

Material: Leather
Color: Cognac
Size: B 45 X H 31 X D17
Inner pouch: 6
Long Shoulder strap: Yes
Changing mat: Yes
Article number: VinTwin-24

In stock


Twin Bag:

The twin bag has it in the name already. A leather diaper bag for twins or triplets etc. It’s a stylish leather diaper bag out of vintage leather. The design is timeless and the dads can certainly show themselves with this nice leather diaper bag as well. The bag suits it’s name since it’s a large bag with a lot of space and pockets to make sure everything you need for your multiple births fits in just 1 bag and is still organized. A nice extra touch is that this leather multiple births bag can be used for a day to the playground / pool with the family or as a weekender.


How does the twin bag look:

Our twin diaper bag has a handy zipper pouch across the back. The bag has sturdy leather handles. What really makes this a twin bag is the double entry on top. The diaper bag for twins comes with a separate long adjustable shoulder strap. This makes this multiple births bag suitable for hanging at your pram. This long straps also enables the bag to be worn comfortably cross body or on the shoulder. In this same kind of leather we also have pacifier cases, pacifier cords and stroller straps so you can match everything together yourself.


Inside of the leather multiple births bag:

This diaper bag for twins is split in 2 so you can pack your items per child. One part has a slip pocket that holds the changing mat and everywhere are elastic pockets for diapers, pacifiers, bottles etcetera. The other part of the twin diaper bag as a large zipper pocket for some important things. The entire inner lining is dirt- and water repellent. The changing mat has a soft leather finish. The changing mat is also dirt- and water repellent. It just has too many options to mention them all.