Wild Ones Shelf Support Set Cheetah Beige


Material: Leather
Cowhide print: Cheetah Beige
Size: 2 straps of W 4 cm x L 90 cm x T 2 mm
Screws: 2 pieces of Ø 6 X 60 mm
Finishing Nuts: 2 pieces, you twist them onto the end of the screw so you get a nice finish
Plugs and Plank: NOT included
Article number: 550197-28
EAN: 6013811258243
Warranty: 1 year

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Leather shelf support:

Leather shelf support in the Wild Ones collection out of cows leather combined with hair-on leather. These cool leather shelf supports are available in several prints and are a 100% Dutch product. A set of Wild Ones Shelf Supports contains 2 leather straps, with metal eyelets, 2 screws and 2 nuts to finish. Our pretty Wild Ones Shelf Support Set adds extra warmth to every interior and will for sure be an eye catcher. They match our leather baskets perfectly for that extra touch in your interior.


Leather shelf support:

The leather straps of the shelf supports are 4 cm wide and circa 90 cm long. There has been added an extra layer because cowhide is very elastic so they won’t stretch during use. Every leather shelf support has a nice finish. The set of shelf supports can handle a weight of approx 20 kilo. Keep in mind that we don’t know the allowed burden of the wall and plugs you will be using. The weight is only an indication for the Wild Ones Shelf Supports. Books for example add a lot of weight but a nice photo or leather basket with a small plant doesn’t.


Size Leather shelf support:

Because many people have a preference for which plugs they want to use, and because each surface / wall is different, we have decided to exclude plugs from the set. A shelf is also NOT included in our set Wild Ones Shelf Supports. Not every plank or shelf matches with every interior. We advise a plank to max 25 cm wide and max 100 cm long because of the sag of the plank that might occur. The plank we used for our photos is 17 cm wide. The added nuts make the leather shelf supports complete. Just screw them on top of the screws that are included.