Wild Ones Stroller Strap XL Cheetah White


Material: Leather
Color: Cheetah White
Size: B 3,5 CM x L 87 CM including hooks
Article number: 150197-che
EAN: 6013805357365
Warranty: 1 year

Attention this is not a shoulder strap but a stroller strap for attaching your diaper bag to your pram or buggy. It’s not adjustable in length.

It can be used as a shoulder strap at your own risk.

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Our leather Wild Ones Stroller Strap XL is made of top quality full grain vintage cowhide, combined with hair-on leather, and very easy to use.


This Handy XL strap, also called stroller strap, is meant for attaching your diaper bag or nursery bag to your buggy or pram. Eventhough this looks like a long shoulderstrap, this is NOT the case. It is designed especially to fit exactly across the push rod of a pram. The Stroller Strap XL is not adjustable. If you want to use it as a shoulder strap anyway, you can of course but at your own risk.


Our stroller straps are executed universal so they can be used on almost every pram or buggy. The stroller straps have been stitched all around and nicely finished.


The Wild Ones Stroller Strap XL is available in various prints.