Wild Ones Stroller Straps – Minidots


Material: Leather
Color: Mini Dots
Article number: 150297-Minidots
EAN: 6013825663668
Warranty: 1 year

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Stroller straps out of leather:

Our set bag hooks in the Wild Ones collection are made of 100% full grain cows leather and very easy to use. The short type comes in a set of 2 pieces. Our stroller straps are executed universal so they can be used on almost every pram or buggy. The stroller straps have a nice finish. The Wild Ones XL-strap is custom made to be used on a pram. The XL strap is attached to the metal hardware where the long shoulder strap usually is.


Usage short leather stroller straps:

This handy set of bag hooks, or stroller straps, is meant to attach your diaper bag or nursery bag to your buggy or pram. You wrap them around the push rod on both sides of the pram or buggy. Then pull the steel hook through the oval loop. Simply click the metal hooks to the metal parts that usually hold the long adjustable shoulder strap. This way the weight of your diaper bag or nappy bag gets shifted on the push rods. An extra advantage with the short stroller straps is that your diaper bag is literary attached to your pram or buggy and can’t be stolen easy from possible thieves.


Different bag hooks:

There are several varieties of our leather bag hooks / stroller straps available. Our sets in plain leather are available in several colors and we even have 2 different bag hooks with crocodile look. Than there is our large Wild Ones collection. These are made out of leather combined with cow hide in many different prints for those who like that tad difference. And last but not least we have an XL series leather bag hook. These are also executed with cow hide but it is 1 long strap that replaces the long adjustable shoulder strap.