Shoeboys Leatherbalm (150ML)


Shoeboys Leatherbalm enters the leather so it stays hydrated, elastic and strong.

This will upkeep up the natural original look of you diaper bag / nappy bag longer.

(Also suitable for polishing minor scratches)


Natural and without solvents. Very easy to use. Rub with a clean cloth and if wanted rub again for a more shiny effect.


This product is not suitable for so called “open” leather like suede.


Shoeboys Leatherbalm is a leather creme with natural ingredients like bees wax, sheabutter, carnauba wax and almond oil. It nurtures smooth leather intense and nourishes it. It maintains the natural look and provides a soft glow.


Shoeboys Leatherbalm is ideal for shoes, leather clothing, leather bags/diaper bags and furniture. It is natural and without solvents. This leather creme is very easy to use. Just rub it in with a clean dry cloth. Preferred is a cotton cloth that doesn’t fluff. If you like you can rub again after it has dried up to add a touch more shine.


Almost all “smooth” kinds of leather are suitable to treat with Shoeboys Leatherbalm. We always advise to try it first on a non showing part. If the treated spot dries spotless it is good. The creme is not suitable if a clear “wet” spot stays.

Smooth leather can be “fixed” by treating the entire bag to create a single color which will be a tad darker then.


This product is not suitable for so called “open” leather like suede.


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